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Advanced DataStor presents distributed videoAdvance DataStor has Break Through in Distributed Video: Explains the Three Stages of Business Development



Advance DataStor is about to announce significant changes and improvements to its Digital Concierge 360Harry Lipkind Explains Distributed Video Distributed Video device.  The changes will help skyrocket the company to new heights.  Explains founder Harry Lipkind “We are going to be able to announce a significant reduction in the cost of the “Microgates” which attach to the backs of monitors and convert the Ethernet signal from the host to either a DVI or HDMI signal to drive the monitors or TV sets in the Digital Concierge 360 Distributed Video system.  This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often but it is nice to take advantage of it when it does.”


As a business develops it is interesting to take a look at the theory behind not only the product, but also the makeup of the company itself.  Advance DataStor is a company developing new methods of distributed video and distributed video delivery and hold rights to all it creates in its research.

Advanced DataStor presents distributed video

“In my Grand Unified Theory of Business Development, I suggest that the destination for all business development endeavors is the creation of long-term value.  What’s been missing all this time is the map to a cost effective distributed video system.” Said Alan Shaffer president of Alliant Marketing Solutions,


So here it is. A way to navigate through the business development process in 3 stages with this exciting distributed video product – the Having Value stage, the Communicating Value stage, and the Delivering Value stage.



The First Stage of Business Development: Having Value

Advanced DataStor presents distributed video

The first stop on the path to successful business development is the Having Value stage, where you stop, strategize, and plan your course.


Before we go out and attempt to convince others of the value we can create for them by buying our product or partnering with our company, we need to first determine, do I actually have something of value?


In the “Having Value” stage, we take a moment to pause and reflect on some critical questions about our business:



1.What kind of value does my business need?

Answer: A unique product that has a demand in the market.


2.What assets and resources do I have that would create value for someone else?

Answer: Harry Lipkind, one of the worlds top experts on distributed video theory and a team dedicated to creating a system that is cost effective for the market, delivering value to the end user.


3.What are the right growth opportunities to prioritize for the business, and what path should be taken to pursue them?

Answer: Trial after trial until the distributed video system is verified, reliable and worthy of the name Digital Concierge 360.


Understanding what are the most relevant growth opportunities for a business like Advance DataStor and what companies will find value in what products are offered, is a prerequisite to making sure the business is on the right trajectory.  Only once the public knows what kind of value Digital Concierge 360 can offer,can investors figure out who will care.


Advanced DataStor presents distributed video

The Second Stage of Business Development: Communicating Value

Advanced DataStor presents distributed video

The second step on the path is the Communicating Value stage, where we focus our efforts on convincing others to buy our products or to get excited about the prospect of partnership.  But motivating an individual to act, let alone an entire organization full of individuals, is a big challenge.


1.Who will care about the value the business can offer them?

Answer: Any electronics firm or retailer that is trying to provide a solution to delivering and recording 12 or more streams of video data simultaneously, with one device – that is true distributed video and that is what Digital Concierge 360 delivers.

Advanced DataStor presents distributed video

2.Who will be personally motivated to advocate on your behalf and help usher the business through the organization’s structure, culture, and bureaucratic roadblocks?

Answer:  Alan Shaffer, as a former IBM Vice President, Alan is well suited to properly expose Distributed Video and our product line to the right people in the right way.


3.Who will be positioned within the organization in such a way as to decide or influence the decision of which opportunities to pursue?


Answer: Alan Shaffer, for the man who exposed the IBM PC line to the world as VP of that division at IBM, the Digital Concierge 360 and distributed video is a walk in the park.

Advanced DataStor presents distributed video

Answering those questions requires more than blindly seeking meetings with anyone who will listen.  It requires establishing relationships, built on trust and integrity that can provide insight into how an organization “thinks” and therefore how it will act upon your proposals.


The Communicating Value stage is where we find the alignment between the value created for individuals and the value created for an organization.  Only once the business finds that value alignment, can you actually move on to the easy part: hammering out the specific terms of a deal that will result in two parties that are ready and excited to move forward and deliver value.


Advanced DataStor presents distributed video


The Third Stage of Business Development: Delivering Value


To arrive in the final stage of the business development process, the Delivering Value stage, means that the business has to have successfully sold others on the promise that the company can provide value.


But selling promises puts the company in debt: in the Communicating Value stage, the company mortgages it’s Advanced DataStor presents distributed videocompany’s resources and reputation against it’s ability to actually follow-through and deliver something of value.  In the Delivering Value stage, the company will pay back by successfully executing and creating value from customers, markets, and relationships.   This stage begs the important questions:


1.How can a company ensure that it executes sufficiently to have made the entire endeavor worthwhile?

Answer: by creating something unique and of great value, like the first true distributed video system available at a price that sports bars and bed and breakfasts can afford.


2.How will the company manage to deliver value as priorities and circumstances Advanced DataStor presents distributed videochange?

Answer: At Advanced DataStor, the research and testing never ends, as we evolve a better and more efficient system the work never ends.


3.How will a company’s relationship with customers and partners evolve over time?

Answer:  Advanced DataStor prides itself on customer service and never-ending updates, research and product support of the distributed video concept and the reality of service and support for the working systems operating daily in the market.

Advanced DataStor presents distributed video

Every deal has a lifespan: a deal will only last as long as it continues to deliver value for both sides.  Partnerships may be replaced by a Build or Buy solution.  A customer’s needs may change such that the company is no longer providing a product that serves their purposes.


Either way, it’s back to the drawing board in the Having Value stage and the cycle begins again, we at Advance DataStor will remain on the cutting edge of distributed video products, this is our passion and our driving mission.


At Advance Data Store we have never taken false shortcuts.

Advanced DataStor presents distributed video

It’s a natural an urge to want to jump into the sexy parts of business development – meeting people, pitching cutting edge wares, and negotiating deals –  but not until the product is ready and proven.

By being strategic and disciplined enough to follow the path in order, from the Having Value stage, through the Communicating Value stage, and into the Delivering Value stage, Advance DataStor with its distributed video solution has avoided the worst fate of all: having a company running out of gas before it gets to a planned destination.

Harry Lipkind Explains Distributed Video

“Some advice I have received has told me that I should not say anything about the drop in cost of the “Microgate” device, keep the retail price where it is, and use the difference in cost to buffer profit if we have to give some person or groups additional discounts.” Harry Lipkind commented.   “I don’t agree with that approach and it comes from the way this business got started which was “gray marketing” the IBM PC.  I started that business by upgrading stripped IBM PCs that others had brought and would bring to me for upgrades.  Somewhere in the first few weeks of doing that a customer said “no, I want you to buy a machine, upgrade it, and then deliver it to me.” I continued to say no to their request until the payment they offered got to be more than I could refuse.”

Harry Lipkind Explains Distributed Video

Advance Data Store will soon announce a tested product ready to meet the distributed video requirements of a new market.  We pride ourselves on research and development; epically the stable platform and reliable hardware we have developed over the last year.  “Could we have rushed out a distributed video product last September? Yes, would it have been as good as what we have now, would it have fulfilled what I committed we would produce?  Am I proud of this company and our investors patience, you bet!” Lipkind concluded


Alan Shafer added “the distributed video product we have now is far better than originally planned, lower cost, higher output, its part 2 and no one has to trade in part 1!”

Advanced DataStor presents distributed video


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