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Advanced DataStor presents distributed videoInnovative Security Solution for Government Facilities with Distributed Video System


Security administrators for Town Halls, County Administration buildings, DMV

Security administrators for Town Halls, County Administration buildings, DMV locations and many other local public government facilities have increased security risks in today’s changing world.  Could a distributed video system be the answer to the needs of an increasingly dangerous environment? Public Administration buildings are under increased risk from outside forces more than ever before in our history as a free and prosperous nation. How do the rights of citizens and the safety of public administration personnel become more protected in today’s world of security concerns?

Harry Lipkind Explains Distributed VideoHarry Lipkind, chief Technology Officer of Advanced DataStor, one of the innovators of distributed video system, has one solution that can put citizens and administration personnel at ease. “The newest model of the Digital Concierge 360, our distributed video system product for commercial and government use, can simultaneously both live monitor and record 12 camera surveillance units and store HD quality video from all 12 feeds for weeks at a time.” Lipkind continued “Future models will allow up to 48 surveillance cameras or other sources to monitor and record for very low cost”

“One of the most exciting features of the Digital Concierge 360 distributed video system is the simple structure and extremely small size of the unit, in fact the largest part of the system is the area to plug in the various devices to be recorded” Lipkind concluded.Harry Lipkind Explains Distributed Video

Unlike older security video systems that limited the number or cameras or offered only non-HD video format or featured only enough storage space to last a week or less, Digital Concierge 360 distributed video system can be integrated to simultaneously record as many HD feeds as you need, to cover every public area in your administration buildings with cameras from multiple angles. Full hard drives can be swapped for new ones to allow the administrators to retain existing footage for whatever period may be required.

Harry Lipkind Explains Distributed VideoIn a statement to the press about distributed video system; a spokesman for Advanced DataStor remarked:

In today’s increasingly security conscious public administration environment, Advanced DataStor’ Digital Concierge 360 distributed video system provides public administrators with the option to implement and constantly record feeds from as many high definition security cameras as necessary, to watch over the safety and security of elected officials, town/municipal employees, and visitors who enter your public administration buildings to conduct business. And Digital Concierge 360’s distributed video system’s deep storage capability allows your town/municipal security personnel to hold all captured feeds for an extensive period of time before additional space is needed.

Situation: Protecting the PublicSecurity administrators for Town Halls, County Administration buildings, DMV

With a host of new threats that includes everything from terrorism to identity theft, police departments and security firms are tasked with providing more protection at less cost. Most municipalities and security agencies are turning to distributed video system surveillance systems because it offers a real-time, cost-effective alternative with greater coverage than a staffed force can supply. In addition to protecting the public, video surveillance can also serve as a deterrent to crime, since criminals will avoid areas they know can capture their images on tape.

Challenge: Video-Reliable, Cost-Effective Surveillance

Security administrators for Town Halls, County Administration buildings, DMV

When video cameras are connected to a LAN, the users can watch from remote locations and still have access to emergency response systems at the touch of a button. However, those video cameras are often not in locations where a wire to the LAN is possible. For a wireless connection to be successful, it has to transmit the images from the camera to the LAN at the required 30-frames-per-second video speed to avoid losing images. And the total cost of the wireless video setup has to fit into tight budgets.  The more cost effective solution is the distributed video system offered by Advance DataStor.

While the adoption of hard drives over tape in video surveillance systems is reaching 100%, there is significant room for improvement in system interoperability, with reliability continuing to be an industry-wide challenge. Many customers, having moved to digital surveillance systems and drive-based storage, revel in the improved capacity, performance and flexibility in the Digital Concierge 360 distributed video system solutions from Advanced DataStore.


Solution: Advanced DataStor’s Digital Concierge 360

  • Both linear TV and on-demand TV content delivered across multiple connected device platforms

  • The Digital Concierge 360 provides a similar user experience regardless of device type

  • The Digital Concierge 360 delivers a compelling user experience

  • Seamless and visually convincing operation

  • Access to video content inside and outside of traditional channels is simple for non-technical operators

  • The Digital Concierge 360 system is managed by next-generation technology to insure consistent performance

  • Unique technological components make the distributed video system easy to maintain

  • Powerful and experienced partners on Advanced DataStor’s staff and development teams

  • The Focus of Advanced DataStore is always on the next steps, constantly evolving products to the nexus of technology and reliability


Advanced DataStor manufactures and distributes the Digital Concierge 360 distributed video system solutions.  The full line of state-of-the-art multimedia servers are proven and working today.  These patented server systems are designed for the expanding multi-screen distriuted video market, for the home and commercial markets, across the United States and around the world.  “Our goal is to deliver multimedia entertainment and security distributed video system that also provide significant management and automation capabilities for the business, education, government and residential markets.

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